Few years ago, in a local train i was traveling to Dharwad for the first time which is 200km far from my home town. I didn’t pray for the journey at that time so i got no seat nor a place to sit. after the journey I was very tired and was imagining How will i travel in such trains till my post graduation ends? it is very hard to stand in such a rush trains for 4 hours..

Then i prayed to God.. “Father i want a seat to sit for every time i travel here please arrange a seat for me. in Jesus name i ask”.. Amen.

This small prayer helped me for three years and still helping me.. everytime i enter train it would be very rush but someone amazingly arranges a seat for me. i really feel the love of God each time.

One day i was coming from Banglore, I’d a reserved quota in PD section i have happily entered the PH van of the train and found it filled with so many womens. it was hard to keep a single foot. somehow i got into train and stood near to the door. it was 10 hours of full night journey.

I thought if i pray God can arrange me a seat here. and in that rush train i started praying with faith. soon after i open my eyes i found a railway police coming towards our van. He told all the women to leave the PD van and get into another van which is reserved for ladies only.

All went down and i got a seat to sit in the train. !! wow .. I was very happy at that time but suddenly all the women came back to the PH van again because they found no place in ladies quota. 
again train was full with ladies.. ha ha ha ha but the Lord provided a seat for me.

After some time few girls started preaching word of God in the train and i got a friend Suma Meenuga for the first time, now she became my sister too..

Many times God provided me seats wherever people longing to hear the word and i used to preach the Love of Christ.

Till today i really like to travel in general section of the train instead of reservation.

There is a Joy in Sharing the Love of God!!

Dear reader.
Let the Lord fill you with Love of His Son Jesus Christ..
Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ who loved and died for us.

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  1. susan July 23, 2015 at 3:35 am


    Awsm testimony my frnd 🙂 it’s really encouraging my faith ..

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