I’m a Hindu. I come from Arya Vysya background. My forefathers have built few temples and worshipped many idols, even practiced mantra, meditations and other cults. Although I couldn’t see them, I have heard that my grandfather has received some great power from idols — he can open locked doors just by using his words and perform different magical tricks.


When I grew up, I’d practiced the same traditions, worship many idols, visit temples, do various kinds of poojas (praying to and worshipping other gods) and practice some cult games too. I’d also be interested to carry witchcraft powers from idols just as my grandfather.


Money was not a problem for me even at the age of 17. So, I would afford to take up smoking and drinking at that tender age. Did I mention I used a cell phone too at 17? I know that’s normal in today’s generation, but things were different back then. Anyways, I had a big group of notorious classmates (which I called the “team”) who were always on their toes to fight for me at any given time. We used to fight in tens and sometimes in hundreds, but I have always been a “good boy” among them. However, I was hugely neglecting my studies — in two years of my PUC, I have only attended two classes.


Finally, it was time for me to repent. I failed in PUC exams along with all of my teammates. They all left their studies and started working anywhere they got a job. However, I was searching for the truth while I was depressed in life and lost all my friends and the team. I turned to my idols which I worshiped to get help, but they remained quiet (Psalm 135:15-19). I was expecting they would give me powers to survive, but I was left alone.


I told my parents that I’ve passed PUC and joined a degree college. I used to attend some degree college and the classes, but I was never a student of that college nor had I passed my PUC. All that I had told my parents was a big fat lie.


One day, I was smoking at the college canteen where I came across an advertisement about some computer courses. I went to enquire about them and joined the institution.


I wonder WHY Jesus has chosen me (a bad boy)!!


There was this Muslim boy named Shoukath Ali. We became friends soon. Once, we were discussing about some spiritual things. Suddenly, he said that he believes in Jesus and introduced Jesus to me!!

He told that Jesus can speak with me and challenged me for the same. I agreed. He asked me to accept Jesus and put away all the idols for a few days and feel the difference. As mentioned earlier, my mind always stayed open for spiritual things, so I did as he told me.


Shoukath started sharing the gospel and the way of heaven with me. This is where my life started with Jesus. I called Jesus on the inside of me and there was a big difference! Yet, I was not satisfied with the words of my friend until I heard the words of Jesus!!


(I was young. In the 18th year of my life, I was convinced that there is a God who can talk to me and answer my questions. So I believed the Lord Jesus Christ who is the only true God and who could save me. I left worshipping idols, my old life and started a new life in Christ.)


After few days, one day at night as I was walking on the road (it was nearly 10 pm), suddenly I heard a voice calling “my son”. I turned and found no one, so I continued walking towards my home but again the same voice “my son”…I was very frightened and started running towards my home. I came home and just slept off. I was afraid to death! On that night, I had a dream about someone talking to me again. I asked Him, “Who are You?” The Lord spoke to me and said, “I’m the One who won victory over death!!” (Jesus told many things in that dream but I only remember a few words)


That’s all. The VOICE changed me completely, and in the morning when I woke up, there was peace and joy in my heart. I was totally satisfied only when Jesus talked to me. All glory to Jesus! Many say I have chosen Jesus and left my religion, but the fact is JESUS HAS CHOSEN ME!!


Now I can openly challenge anybody in this world. Jesus can speak to you for He is alive!! His resurrection power has not ceased!!



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  2. Janet July 30, 2015 at 5:19 am


    Praise God !! Thank you, Raju, for sharing your lovely testimony !! 🙂

  3. Spurgeon December 22, 2015 at 3:30 pm


    Praise The Lord! Great testimony. God bless you!

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