In our office there is person for whom God remembered me to share Gospel but I just ignored it and next day he was absent to office. 

I’ve enquired for him and came to know that he is admitted in hospital and in very serious condition. Then again I felt the Spirit that says share Gospel to him. 

Then I got afraid a lot and started praying for him , asked God to protect/cover his soul, body and spirit with the blood of Jesus and also i’ve told to Satan, this person is not yours.. you should leave him in the name of Jesus.

For next 5 days continuously I prayed for him with burden and said this person should live and believe in Christ and serve him and then later I heard that he is gonna okay.

Finally he got discharged from hospital last week. I was still thinking how can I share Gospel to him? I was looking for a chance but God did a miracle through his wife.

I don’t know why but his wife decided to attend church for 5 weeks.. last Sunday I took them to a church and I got a nice chance to share Gospel to them..

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